Xenial Xerus (その 2) の巻

なぜか、16.04 LTS で Haiku がビルドできないなぁ。コンパイラが変わったせいかな? アップデート失敗?

haiku.hpkg: Removing and re-creating package contents dir ...
haiku.hpkg: Collecting package contents ...
UnZip 5.50 of 17 February 2002, by Info-ZIP.  Maintained by C. Spieler.  Send
bug reports to the authors at Zip-Bugs@lists.wku.edu; see README for details.

Usage: unzip [-Z] [-opts[modifiers]] file[.zip] [list] [-x xlist] [-d exdir]
  Default action is to extract files in list, except those in xlist, to exdir;
  file[.zip] may be a wildcard.  -Z => ZipInfo mode ("unzip -Z" for usage).

  -p  extract files to pipe, no messages     -l  list files (short format)
  -f  freshen existing files, create none    -t  test compressed archive data
  -u  update files, create if necessary      -z  display archive comment
  -x  exclude files that follow (in xlist)   -d  extract files into exdir

modifiers:                                   -q  quiet mode (-qq => quieter)
  -n  never overwrite existing files         -a  auto-convert any text files
  -o  overwrite files WITHOUT prompting      -aa treat ALL files as text
  -j  junk paths (do not make directories)   -v  be verbose/print version info
  -C  match filenames case-insensitively     -L  make (some) names lowercase
  -X  restore UID/GID info                   -V  retain VMS version numbers
                                             -M  pipe through "more" pager
Examples (see unzip.txt for more info):
  unzip data1 -x joe   => extract all files except joe from zipfile data1.zip
  unzip -p foo | more  => send contents of foo.zip via pipe into program more
  unzip -fo foo ReadMe => quietly replace existing ReadMe if archive file newer

/home/haiku/haiku/haiku/build/scripts/build_haiku_package "/home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages/haiku.hpkg" "/home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages_build/regular/hpkg_-haiku.hpkg/haiku-package-info" /home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages_build/regular/hpkg_-haiku.hpkg/scripts/haiku.package-init-vars /home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages_build/regular/hpkg_-haiku.hpkg/scripts/haiku.package-make-dirs /home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages_build/regular/hpkg_-haiku.hpkg/scripts/haiku.package-copy-files /home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages_build/regular/hpkg_-haiku.hpkg/scripts/haiku.package-extract-files

...failed BuildHaikuPackage1 /home/haiku/haiku/haiku/generated-gcc5/objects/haiku/x86/packaging/packages/haiku.hpkg ...

...failed updating 1 target(s)...
...skipped 3 target(s)...
...updated 5467 target(s)...

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