Writing CannaIM manual の巻

Hi, I'm writing CannaIM manual. if you have any idea, please comment or mail to me freely. It will be included next CannaIM release.

CannaIM のマニュアル作成中です。ご意見をお寄せください。

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  1. Hello Takashi. Thank you for your work and dedication to the Haiku project :-) Also, thank you for made a bilingual manual for CannaIM. For me, is specially useful, because I'm learning japanese.

    About the manual, a little mistake at line 185: instead of:
    +For more imfometion, see default key binding file:

    I think is:
    +For more information, see default key binding file:

    Thank you !!!

    1. Hi Dario san, Thanks for pointing typo!!